Treatment testimonials: “an amazing experience … I feel mental clarity … lightness in my joints … my backache is gone … felt deeply relaxed … feel very refreshed, better than having been on a 2 weeks’ holiday … felt like entering into a different world … felt blissful.”

“I had sound massages a couple of times with Kamal during late pregnancy – I found it extremely therapeutic and relaxing, especially as I was overdue and feeling frustrated and physically uncomfortable. The sound massage seemed to clear my mind of worries and give me lots of positive energy which was very much needed at the time!”

“I have never known anything to relax me so deeply and instantly. The sounds penetrate the body in such a powerful way that you feel you are a part of its vibration.”

“I had sound massage to treat an area in my shoulder that had been painfully knotted for many weeks. A couple of days later, there was no trace of pain!”

“It’s hard to describe the sensation of a sound massage, but it’s a bit like being bathed in deep, overwhelming vibrations. It’s a totally unique experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is curious or needs treatment for a particular problem.”

“Kamal’s Sound Therapy is a truly wonderful experience. It is deeply relaxing and it has helped me clear energetic blockages after surgery, thereby speeding up my recovery. I love the way the vibration of the bowls transcends through every fibre of the body. It is amazing how sound can achieve that perfect balance between letting go and grounding, leaving you ‘floating’ home.”

“I have done a few sessions of sound massage with Kamal, and could feel the benefits almost immediately. My post-pregnancy back pain had gone and what was most amazing I felt really happy and well-balanced emotionally after each session. Sound massage really invigorates and heals your body and your mind, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take health improvement to another level.”

Testimonials of participants at a corporate Sound Bath event: “It was a great event”; “professional and supportive”; “It seemed very professional; I appreciated being able to quickly nip into this event during a busy day, and it was very relaxing. I hadn’t experienced a sound bath before and it was a really good taster”; “Delightful”; “I really enjoyed the session, I felt really relaxed afterwards”.