At 23 Parbury Road, SE23 1NZ:

One-to-One ‘Sound Massage’
The singing bowls are placed on/or near the client’s body and sounded.
Can be tailored to the client’s preference with or without Gong and cymbal.

Sound Bath (Group Relaxation Session)
Deep relaxation and stress-release with the sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong. Just lie down and immerse yourself in the sound tapestry. Small groups in a tranquil environment.
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong are sounded at one end of the room including sounding of Gong/Singing bowl near each participant.

One-to-One ‘Yoga class with Singing Bowls’
Singing bowls are sounded while the client is holding various yoga postures and also during relaxation at the end of the session.  A unique yoga session experience!

One-to-One ‘Yoga class with (or without) Mantras’
Yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and mantras (vedic sound vibration creating harmony and peace within and around the person).

Weekly Yoga class
Yoga postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and mantras (at the beginning and end of the class).
Saturday, 8.30-10am
Sunday, 8.45-10.15am (online via Zoom)

Please enquire for services at other locations.

For Corporate Clients:
Sound Bath (Group Relaxation Session);
Yoga session with or without Singing bowls/Gong.